Put a lid on it

Although we don’t can and jar as much as we once did as a culture, there is still something sweet, nostalgic, and downright practical about a glass mason jar. And in a time when we are all trying to get back to basics and reduce our reliance on to-go packaging, glass jars might be the simplest solution. Whether you’re catering to a crowd or a couple of kids, prepping meals in jars is a handy and healthy way to serve fresh and delicious food. Each recipe in this issue—from sweet overnight oats, chia seed pudding, and yogurt parfait to savory gazpacho and a summer salad—can be prepped and stored in the refrigerator until it’s needed. I’ve gathered a collection of my favorite jar recipes that will make it easier for you and the whole family to eat fresh and healthy without too much fuss.

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Beam me up. A Lofty, Well-Traveled Living Room


People have been drawn to the redwoods and canyons of Mill Valley, California for decades according to Emily Z. Maynard, owner and principal designer of GEORGE Interior Design + Build. “Besides the very quaint shops, restaurants, food markets, [and] coffee roasteries accessible in downtown, this area boasts incredible . . . hiking and biking trails right outside your front door,” she says. Although the town looks a bit different today than it did when this circa-1947, 2,600-square-foot Mill Valley home was built, Maynard believes the current owners were drawn to the tranquil fortitude of the house with its grand, natural beam, high-ceilinged living room and warm family room that opens to the kitchen. “They are working artists, productive citizens of Mill Valley, and globe-trotters who live in the town with their two lively children,” she adds. Continue reading

Defined Space

A North Carolina Living Room Completed with a Plan


When Lacey and Patrick Kavanaugh were approached about having their home featured on the annual Plaza Midwood Home and Garden Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina, the couple reluctantly accepted. Though the exterior of their craftsman-style home was recently updated by the designers at local Lucy and Company, the interior design had been a work in progress ever since the young couple moved into the home in 2015.

“I was literally changing something in the house every two months,” says Lacey. “I knew what I wanted in my head, but I just could never execute it myself.” Lacey had a vision for the interiors—modern but comfortable with a colorful palette—but without help, the accessories and the furniture never quite fit together as seamlessly as the design she had in mind. It wasn’t until Lacey was on a run one day that she spotted a sign in a fellow neighbor’s yard for House of Nomad design. “I started looking at their Instagram feed and I really liked their style,” she says. “Their aesthetic aligned exactly with what I wanted: modern and bohemian, had a bit of a flair, and it wasn’t sterile.”

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Photo Murals

Bringing Your Favorite Places Home


Wherever you live, you can use a photo mural to make your home feel like a year-round vacation spot. The simple wallpaper addition can be a breathtaking focal point that evokes the happiest memories. Unlike a framed photo, a photo mural is large enough to seemingly transport you through space and time to your happy place.

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Camp Cooking

Food to Make under the Stars and over the Fire



There’s nothing better than the earthy, toasted scent of coffee brewing over a campfire. Although you can prepare single servings, I prefer a full pot and these recipes are designed for that. (The recipe servings will change dependent on the size of your campfire coffee pot.) Honestly—any and all coffee is welcome after a night of sleeping on the forest floor.

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Language Barrier- How to Communicate in a Foreign Country

When Maria Anoshenkova was on holiday in Croatia years ago, she and her traveling companion unknowingly parked their car illegally in front of the flat they were staying in. “The neighbor was telling us the situation, but he was speaking Dutch,” she says, “so we didn’t understand a thing.” Anoshenkova was able to pull up her Google Translate app to figure out just what the man was trying to tell them. “He was going to call the police!” Thankfully, the app saved her from what could’ve been a sticky situation in a foreign country.

Luckily for international travelers today, there are dozens of apps that help you not only prepare for a trip to a country where you don’t speak the language, but help you once you’re there. Here’s a rundown on what to download now before you head out of town.

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LIFE ON THE WATER – A Curated Sausalito Houseboat Exudes International Style

Trading the rushed pace of urban living for views of sailboats and sounds of waves is what many city-dwellers long for in a summer vacation, but few take the leap to make it a fulltime lifestyle. Megan Dixon had been an urbanite all her life—working in Boston, London, and San Francisco as an international lawyer—but it was ultimately the call of the water that persuaded her to leave her city roots behind. After joking to a friend that the only way she’d move to Marin, a suburb just north of San Francisco, would be if she lived on a houseboat, Megan and her friend drove to nearby Sausalito to view a three-story floating home up for sale. The trip began as a lark, but when Megan stepped off the dock and onto the houseboat she was sold. Continue reading

Exploring Iceland – the land of fire and ice


The Golden Circle’s crowning jewel is Gullfoss Waterfall. Located a ten-minute drive from the geysers, Gullfoss is situated in the Hvítá River Valley. With a drop of over one hundred feet in two cascading tiers, Gullfoss Waterfall is a shutterbug’s playground. Plan to stay and enjoy a bite to eat and a local beer (Viking Gylltur) at the visitor’s center. Depending on the timing of your visit, you can add on a Hvítá River rafting tour or a snowmobile tour of the Langjökull glacier. Adventurous travelers might consider adding highlights like Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon, or the seven- to fourteen-day Ring Road itinerary. Continue reading

Floral Footprint

The Storied Travels of Popular Plants


Just like people and animals, plants have a history of migration. Granted, tulips and chrysanthemums don’t just pick up and walk to a new place; but with natural carriers and human movement, plants have made their way around the world. Here’s a glimpse at the history behind some well-traveled and well-adapted plants that make your home garden a global market of diverse flora that brings beauty and pleasure throughout all four seasons.

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Island Idyll

A Bahamian Retreat That’s the Epitome of Barefoot, Breezy Chic


As far as Caribbean getaways go, Harbour Island ranks: a nearly four-mile-long isle of pink-sand beaches and a teensy population (less than 2,000 at last count). It’s a go-to hideaway for boldface names from Robert de Niro to Jimmy Buffett, thanks in part to its combination of Caribbean charm and New England–style architecture introduced in the 1700s by Loyalist settlers. It was into this paradise that Toronto-based designer Laura Hay worked her design magic for clients on a beachy bungalow that was originally built in the late 1800s—and more than showing its age. “It was an old historical cottage and, like a lot of the cottages on the island, had been Band-Aided over several generations,” says Hay. “It was termite infested!” What started out as a renovation quickly turned into a complete restoration and rebuild. “The main house exterior was maintained for historical purposes, but other than that it was a complete gut.”

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