peak performance

For Nick Bratton, his love of mountain climbing began early. As a young Boy Scout, it was a natural progression for him to get into mountaineering at a young age. That, coupled with a desire to overcome his fear of heights, ignited a passion for mountain climbing in the author of Guided Currents: Notes from the Banks of the Tugela. “My first time rock climbing was in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and I was instantly hooked,” he says. “Nothing I had ever done before compared to the sense of accomplishment and appreciation of the wilderness I got from climbing.”

Much goes into planning and prepping for a climb. “It’s a physically demanding sport that requires a diverse set of skills, good judgment and decision-making, and comfort with adversity,” explains Bratton. “But mountain climbing is also a fantastic social activity because you get to spend quality time in amazing places with friends.” So how do you get started? Follow these tips before setting out on your own adventure.

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